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A Smarter Way to Train

Give your training sessions more purpose and intensity. Bowls Buddy allows you to train smarter by recording the results of your training sessions and then giving you useful stats about your skills. Bowls Buddy also uses the latest machine learning technology to process the information being feed into your account and provide you with personalised drill recommendations to help you make fast improvements to your game.

Skill Tests

Take skill tests regularly and track your strengths, weaknesses and improvements. Standard Skill Tests available for the Draw, Sit & Stay Shot, Run Shot and Drive.


Use drills to target and improve specific aspects of your game! Save your favourite drills and use the apps suggestion functionality to select drills that will have the biggest impact on your performance.

Analysis & Benchmarking

Compare your stats against the aggregate of the collective users on Bowls Buddy. Compare against players in your age bracket, players with the same level of experience, and players in your region and country.

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Mobile Optimised

Plan Sessions, Record Results & Analyse Your Performance

Bowls Buddy is optimised to make recording your training sessions easy on a mobile device.

To get the most out of Bowls Buddy we recommend using a PC, laptop or tablet to plan and analyse your training sessions. Then use a mobile phone or tablet to record your training sessions on the bowling green.


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* Note: Bowls Buddy is currently not a native app so will not be found in your phones app store. It is accessed through your devices web browser (i.e. safari or chrome), and it is optimised to work like a native app. Native apps for Android and ios are on our mid-term development roadmap.

Stats & Benchmarking

Take Your Game To A New Level

Dive deep into your personal stats for each of the core skills of the sport. Compare your stats against the aggregated stats of the collective users on Bowls Buddy. Compare against players in your age bracket, players with the same level of experience, and players in your region and country.

Join hundreds of bowlers around the world and see how your skill test scores stack up! Stay motivated and improve your overall benchmark rankings.


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Affordable Pricing Plans

Plans Designed For Serious Lawn Bowlers

All plans come with a 14-day free trial.

Starter Plan
$39 /year

Ideal For Beginner Bowlers &
Casual Bowlers

  • Beginner Level Skill Tests
  • Limited Drill Access

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Competitive Plan
$59 /year

Full Features
Ideal For Competitive Bowlers

  • Beginner, Intermediate &
    Advanced Skill Tests
  • Access All Drills
  • Connect With Coaches & Managers
  • Results Benchmarking

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High Performance Plan
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Ideal For Club, Regional & National Representative Squads

  • All Features
  • Track High Performance Players, Managers & Coaches
  • Design Custom Drills & Skill Tests
  • Bundle User Discount (for 10+ players)
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Registered coaches are free when they are connected with 3 or more players. Contact us for more details.

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